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Latest QDPortal Version: 6.5

Release Date: April 25th, 2019

We're excited to announce our latest QDPortal6.5 can now automatically download receipts from the new DOCLINE website. EFTS status now imports to records and patrons can be searched for by last name

We will continue to fix bugs as they arise but this version resolves most user reported issues

Below you will find the download for installing the update, as well as an installation pdf and a user manual. Some functions are still only available on the previous DOCLINE website. Therefore, you will still use your original QDPortal application to connect to that website and the new application to connect to the new DOCLINE.

We're working to make the transition to the new DOCLINE as smooth as possible. As more features are moved to the new DOCLINE, we'll be updating the QDPortal application to work with those features. If you have any issues installing or using the application or even just want to suggest improvements, don't hesitate to contact us:
Phone Number: 617-738-1800
Email: QuickDOC@nesurv.com

Download QDPortal 6.5 Update for DOCLINE 6.1 ZIP

PDF Installation Instructions

PDF User Manual

Download QDPortal (DOCLINE Version 5 and earlier) Size: 58.8 MB

Support Documents:

     Easy Instructions for QD Install PDF

     QuickDoc Canadian Registration Key PDF

     QuickDoc IE9 Compatibility PDF

     QuickDoc Merged Database PDF

     QuickDoc Patron not showing in Grid PDF

     QuickDoc Patrons List Mismatch PDF

     QuickDoc Database Repair QuickDoc PDF

     QuickDoc OCX Registration.PDF

     QDPortal Manual PDF

     QuickDoc PDF

     QDSetup 1.1.0

     QDPortal Autologin

     OCX Zip File


     Manual for DOCLINE from nlm.nih.gov

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